Elmworth Generating Station


NPC has successfully installed 4 of its 5 Cooper Bessemer LSV-16 reciprocating engine/generator sets (each units produces 3 MW) for a current plant capacity of 12 MW. Each unit was overhauled prior to being re-assembled. The units burn 100% natural gas to produce the electricity.

Re-assembly of the 5th and final unit has not been started yet and is on hold until the markets warrant its installation. The overall shift from a construction project to an operating facility has been made and the current staff focuses on good operating results and overall plant maintenance and up keep.

A new boiler system was recently commissioned which allows the plant to remain at operating temperature during its down time. This has two very beneficial results;

  1. The unit is at operating temperature when the price spikes happen which allows the unit to be put online much faster then otherwise, which maximizes profits.
  2. Keeping the units warm eliminates the constant expansion and contraction of warming equipment up and then cooling it down again which is much better for the overall mechanical integrity of the equipment.

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